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leggings this winter mix is ​​certainly not small, not very perfect for the leg-type MM is even more like leggings than jeans, close to the scale, with a simple design on a handsome platform uggs boots, coat or suit, whether the combination can wear clothing with legs.Who says it is bloated snow boots synonymous with, put on the same playing sexy; the thighs thick girls, choose a loose sweater to attract attention, with black stockings leg contraction lines; simple-minded to the last platform uggs boots a finishing touch, see, like the legs.

Resistance to cold-type female choice, if you still find that they not slender legs, and fear the pain of high heels, a pair of platform uggs boots one pair of socks to solve all your troubles. High boots and ankle control as much as possible the location of the knee socks outfit, does not want the United States is immune. Remember not to rush to put away summer clothes, in this season of bloated, take a ride out to have unexpected effect! Beauty is a price to pay, anti-freeze is to give strength. Summer with irregular cut motorcycle jacket, floor take effect the moment it is eye-catching, coupled with platform uggs boots, twilight skin, this is the law of legs.Right, winter shorts is another magic legs, the legs coupled with light platform uggs boots, the effect is very good, but the fear of cold MM can choose a black silk stockings, although slightly inferior results, and is pretty good, actually look platform uggs boots hot!